Medusa’s quirky universe.

Medusa-Copenhagen is a world of kooky smiles and joyful colours. Medusa-Copenhagen is for everyone with imagination, humour and a propensity to smile. When the colourful characters move in, they bring with them a fun mood full of sparkle and good humour.

Rie & Maj-Britt Bidstrup are mother and daughter – and the founders and designers behind Medusa-Copenhagen.

Together they have created the unique universe where everything is possible! The range extends from festive figures to practical tableware – for Christmas and the rest of the year.

All the Medusa-Copenhagen products are hand-painted and hand-cast in China. Every single item is designed by Rie and Maj-Britt, some are drawn, while others are put together with glue and glitter. All the products are created with love and are based on what they themselves want in their homes.

Medusa’s quirky universe is designed from the heart, hand-cast with humour and hand-painted with joy!

Medusa-Copenhagen catalogue