Jacob Jensen

The name Jacob Jensen has been synonymous with Danish simplicity and innovative design ever since Jacob founded his Copenhagen studio in 1958. Today, we still strive to enrich daily life with quality products that last through long-term use and enjoyment.

We have a Scandinavian mindset that allows us to be humble, honest and considerate. Our products are for people who appreciate Scandinavian values and value a proud design heritage that sets itself apart and is a pioneer for relevant and desirable design in a timeless universe. Our elegance is found in our understated tone with a spark of surprise.
The new Jacob Jensen smoke alarms, due in 2023, have come into being as a result of our mission to give you and your family the safety you need while we also endeavour to improve and beautify the spaces in which you live your lives.

Elegant safety

Innovative design

The new smoke alarms feature an aesthetic that is soft yet characterful, accentuated by the Gabriel® fabric, which is made from 99% recycled polyester. Our colours are taken from Scandinavian nature and the transitions of time and the seasons. We are confident that these shades will remain timeless and capable of expressing the fresh yet calming feeling for which Scandinavia is known and loved.

The result is a warm, calm and yet distinctive look that gives you the choice of coordinating or accenting your home’s décor style with confidence.

The smoke alarms are available in two different versions: Optical and Optical Wireless. The wireless version allows you to interconnect up to 12 smoke alarms, allowing a single smoke alarm to activate all the other smoke alarms. This provides an additional level of safety and is ideal for larger homes or multi-storey homes.