The world-renowned Italian glass manufacturer RCR designs a number of exclusive glass series in completely transparent lead-free crystal, in both modern and traditional patterns and lines.

RCR is not just Italy’s leading crystal manufacturer, but also one of the largest in the world. The company was founded in 1967 on the merger of two glassworks, and its roots are deeply anchored in this ancient craft and a passion for this transparent material.

The glass is produced by a patented process whereby the lead-free molten glass is formed into extraordinarily clear objects that are very long-lasting. RCR glass is dishwasher-proof and has passed a test whereby, after 1,000 dishwasher runs, the glass was completely unchanged and just as clear as after the first wash.

With its focus on sustainable development and dedication to research and investment in environmentally-sound production processes and energy sources, RCR recognises its strong social responsibility not only locally in the heart of Tuscany, but also internationally.

Sold only in Scandinavia.