Costa Nova

Costa Nova is inspired by nature and the Portuguese ceramic traditions. Costa Nova is stoneware with a rustic charm for a casual lifestyle filled with sun, sea and verdant nature.

Costa Nova is a Portuguese brand from Grestel Produtos Cerâmicos, S.A., founded by experienced ceramicists in Vagos, Portugal. Costa Nova is high quality stoneware created for a casual lifestyle. Costa Nova is suitable for everyday use and can withstand extreme temperatures. The products are made from the best natural and recyclable raw materials from Portugal and using the factory’s own high-fired stoneware manufacturing methods. Advanced eco-friendly technology meets craftsmanship with Costa Nova, which produces contemporary and durable oven-to-table stoneware in the Portuguese ceramic tradition.

Costa Nova creates stoneware that is produced as sustainably as possible in Portugal. Even though stoneware can be used thousands of times across many generations, Costa Nova is committed to protecting the environment by conserving resources in production and creating a reduced ecological footprint. This is accomplished by saving energy and single-fired production that reduces emissions into the atmosphere, the use of local natural resources, advanced water treatment and reduced water consumption, the use of a high percentage of recyclable materials in production, recyclable packaging, the use of solar energy, etc.

Sold only in Scandinavia.