“Sustainable development is a development that meets current needs, without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”

The Brundtland Report

F&H Group will never be sustainable. However, we must work to adapt our products so that they have the least possible impact on the current problems we have for the climate and the environment. In 2021, F&H Group presented its strategy for the next five years with seven strategic milestones. The seventh milestone in the F&H Group Strategy 2025 focuses on sustainability. The strategy must be incorporated into all parts of our business, and in this way it will become a central tenet for F&H Group’s core business.

It is a lengthy process and we are aware that there is a long way to go. We are also aware that the goal is constantly changing; what makes the best possible sense today will probably be surpassed by new technology in just one year, for example. So we are not going to get to a point where we can sit down and say, “Now we’re there”. But we’re working diligently to make it a little better every day. The articles below explain what steps we are taking, and the list will become longer as we implement new initiatives.


F&H Group A/S supports the ban on PFAS

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We have cookware with both traditional non-stick coating and ceramic coating in our range, but as existing products are sold out, we will in future produce exclusively with the ceramic coating.

F&H Group join forces against plastic waste in new partnership

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The ambition is to increase recycling of industrial plastics by at least 20 percent before 2025 and to create a new platform for recycling of plastics in Danish companies.

Course in Sustainable Purchasing

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In F&H Group's work with sustainability, we want the change to be created from within. If our colleagues don't know which direction to run in or how to run, we will be unable to reach the goals that we have…

Collaboration with Målbar

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We – humanity – need to rethink our consumption patterns and the way we use the Earth's resources. Therefore, since November 2021, we – F&H Group – have had a close collaboration with Målbar.