Magimix represents kitchen appliances with an extraordinarily long service life and a high focus on making user-friendly products that are easy to operate and clean to facilitate everyday cooking.

Magimix, Vincennes, France. In 1963, Pierre Verdun invented a cylindrical bowl with a metal blade that rotated very tightly to the inside and bottom of the bowl. It was the start of the production of quality food processors for the professional kitchen. Using the same professional technology, in 1971 Magimix manufactured the first food processor for domestic household use. Since then, the range and accessories have been further developed, but the quality and originality of the original Magimix has been retained.

Today, the range from Magimix also includes blenders, juicers and toasters. All products feature functional design and are manufactured in the highest quality with a full 20-year motor warranty.

Sold only in Scandinavia.