The ultimate travelling companion since 1904. For more than 100 years, Thermos® has delivered quality products across the world and prioritised innovation and quality.

When Thermos® made its first thermos more than a century ago, keeping coffee/tea hot without having to pack the flask in and/or have access to a heat source to warm up the drink was a revolutionary innovation. This unique thermos effect was also a great advantage if you wanted to keep a drink cold in summer.

For over 100 years, Thermos® has developed ever more sophisticated high-tech products and today represents a brand that regularly wins tests of thermos containers (TV 2 Hjelper Deg, Villmarksliv, Jakt, Jeger and Jeger Hund & Våpen).

Thermos® is much in demand from extreme sports athletes, exercise and hiking enthusiasts, parents with small children, factory workers, city dwellers, office workers, etc.

Sold only in Denmark and Norway.