The bamix® name represents one of the world’s most revolutionary kitchen appliances.

The story began way back in the 1950s, when bamix® invented the handheld blender that quickly became an invaluable help in the kitchen.

For more than 50 years, this Swiss all-in-one kitchen machine has been developed and improved to push traditional blenders and food processors out of the kitchen thanks to its powerful motor and multitude of applications.

bamix® can, for instance, crush ice cubes and frozen berries to create the most delicious smoothies in under 15 seconds, and it has the ability to whip skim milk to the consistency of whipped cream in under 10 seconds.

Along with frozen or fresh berries and a little banana, you can quickly make your own fat- and sugar-free milkshake. Or what about mayonnaise in just 13 seconds?

Since bamix® is both easy to use and clean, it quickly becomes a popular addition to any kitchen. And with useful accessories such as SliceSy®, it can now also be used to prepare both vegetables and fruits.

With bamix®, the only limit on what you can make is your imagination and creativity.

Sold only in Scandinavia.