Lyngby Glas

Lyngby Glas was founded in 1940 and is behind many of Denmark’s most successful glassware collections featuring beautiful glasses, decanters, vases, bowls and much more.

Since 1940, Lyngby Glas has sparked joy in many homes with its elegant, simple and exclusive glassware designs. Lyngby Glas was founded by Danish hardware merchant Holger Jepsen, and over time it has developed into one of Denmark’s most influential and innovative glass manufacturers.

The product range is extensive, and it includes everything from classic collections in clear glass to modern collections in coloured glass. Everyone can set the table with Lyngby Glas, and the wide product range makes it easy to find your favourites.

Lyngby Glas makes beautiful glassware that will fit any table setting. The classic table setting has changed a lot over time, and current trends focus more on a casual look where the table setting need not be so formal in style.

Modern table settings are characterised by the possibility of mixing new with old, and not least mixing and matching different shapes, colours and patterns. This brings life and joy to your table and helps to personalise the table setting.