AEO Authorisation

F&H Group is AEO-authorised by the Danish tax authority, SKAT, which provides benefits including:

  • Safe, reliable partner in the international supply chain
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Optimisation of company procedures
  • Fewer delayed shipments
  • Fewer security and safety incidents
  • Improved security and communication between partners in the end-to-end supply chain

AEO-C Certificate

F&H Group has been granted an AEO-C Certificate:

  • Easier access to simplified customs procedures
  • Fewer physical and document-based customs checks – imported goods undergo customs checks less frequently
  • Notification of customs checks before goods are presented
  • Priority treatment customs checks – customs checks for an AEO-authorised company are prioritised over checks for a non-AEO-authorised company
  • Upon request, the customs check can be performed at a site other than where the goods are presented