Alfi develops and manufactures vacuum insulated jugs and containers in a beautiful and durable design that is sure to satisfy every consumer.

Alfi, Wertheim, Germany. Founded in 1914 by Carl Zitzmann. In 1914, Alfi manufactures the world’s first series-made glass-insert vacuum insulated container. Alfi has one of the world’s largest selections of vacuum insulated containers. For Alfi, making vacuum insulated jugs, drinkware, mugs and drinking bottles is the primary task and not a sideline as it is for many other companies on the market. All resources, expertise and know-how in the core area are therefore aimed at producing vacuum insulated containers of the very best quality.

In close collaboration with renowned designers from all over the world, Alfi is constantly developing new jugs and reinventing the classics of today and tomorrow.

Sold only in Scandinavia.