Tareq Taylor

Say hejsan to a brand new design series…

In a world in which awareness of the environment plays a crucial role, Tareq Taylor has developed a modern kitchen collection that focuses on reuse, eco-friendliness, and quality – all to ensure that we reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible.

We have to preserve the earth’s resources and recycle materials and products to a greater extent. The result will be less waste and fewer harmful impacts on the environment. Tareq Taylor’s products are circular, which means that instead of using new resources to manufacture products, products and materials must continue to be used for as long as possible before being converted into new products.

Tareq Taylor is striving to transform waste into new resources. And we are convinced that a circular business model is the way forward.

… and to Tareq Taylor

Tareq Taylor is one of Sweden’s leading culinary professionals and was previously head chef at Malmö’s Slottsträdgårdens Kafé and later at the gastropub Trappaner. He now runs his own restaurant and dining studio in the same city known as Kockeriet.

Tareq is passionate about food, the environment, culture, and enhancing the dining experience by cooking from scratch using 100 % natural ingredients that are close to his heart. Tareq cooks healthy and delicious food, and his infectious positivity and professionalism has seen him breathe new life into the culinary arts.

Sold only in Sweden.