F&H has a very large network, all over the world, of some of the best suppliers in their respective areas.

Here, we have gathered some of the most important information concerning the requirements/guidelines we set for our suppliers – and we closely monitor the fulfilment of these requirements.

Our physical presence in Asia allows us to pay immediate, unscheduled visits to even more suppliers, so that we can optimise our control of the production stage.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our suppliers.

Supplier guideline

F&H Group has drawn up a number of guidelines for supplier procedures, in order to optimise cooperation and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. All of the guidelines are in English and we encourage all relevant persons at all suppliers to be aware of and to have read the relevant guidelines.

If you have questions about out guidelines, you are naturally very welcome to contact us.

F&H Asia Ltd.

With its own sourcing department in China, F&H Group is one of the industry’s leading suppliers with regard to quality control and project management.

By maintaining a physical presence in the production chain, we can resolve and prevent a large number of issues without any delay, which reduces lead times.

The warehouse facilities give ample opportunities for special deliveries, e.g. in display, but also to optimise shipments, which among other things reduces transport and the need for warehouse capacity in Denmark.