Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

F&H Group’s values are the basis for our Code of Conduct, with the objective of promoting responsible business principles.

This also means that we fulfil our core value of ‘Good business ethics’ in all situations involving negotiation, purchasing, marketing, sales, packing, dispatch, shipping, etc. Wherever in the world F&H operates, the company collaborates within the framework of sound and good values.

This naturally also applies internally within F&H Group. We are committed to and comply with our own Code of Conduct, and we expect all the suppliers we work with to show a similar behaviour. The satisfaction of focusing on morals and ethics creates a good working environment which is also supported by a social policy and healthcare schemes.

For the environmentally aware customer, labels such as Oeko-Tex® are vital to the choices they make. Labelling creates visibility and increases brand value, and we can guarantee that that the individual label’s principles are adhered to, right down to the last detail.

We cover all of the rules and requirements that a product is required to meet, so as to ensure that consumers achieve the value they expect.