Wesco’s original design is characterised by its perfect proportions, modern colourful retro look and stunning functionality and quality.

Wesco was founded as a family business in 1867 and is today located in Sauerland, Germany. Since its inception, the company has specialised in metal products for the kitchen and household.

After World War II, the company introduced its first foot pedal bin and later the Pushboy waste bin, which has become a true design icon.

Today, Wesco is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of design waste bins, bread boxes and many other home products – made from robust and classic quality metal. Wesco has retained the old artisanal virtues right up to the present day, and all products are still manufactured at the factory in Germany.

The iconic and original design unites form and function, while the style is colourfully retro and at the same time completely modern.

Sold only in Scandinavia.