From their German base, BERNDES – whose innovative cookware has revolutionised the market for more than a century – gives you a clear conscience in the kitchen with the range.

The range from BERNDES consists of pots and pans of many different sizes, produced from 100% recycled aluminium cans that can be recycled again. By recycling aluminium from cans, a more homogeneous mass is obtained in a pure material approved for food use. Using recycled aluminium provides exceptional hardness and durability, which improves the quality of the products.

43 cans are needed to produce a 28 cm frying pan made of recycled aluminium.

BERNDES, based in Germany, is a company that actively seeks to optimise the use of resources. And we most certainly need to take good care of the environment, one another and the planet. For example, it takes more than 100 years for an aluminium can to decompose in nature, but only five minutes to create a new pot or pan from recycled aluminium.

All the pans and pots come with ergonomic handles and grips made from recycled plastic with double screws for safe, comfortable handling. The products are suitable for all types of hobs, and a 4-year warranty is given on the entire range.

The packaging of the products has been significantly reduced to reduce waste, so the pans are delivered in a practical sleeve made of FSC-certified materials.